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Check Point Co-op 

If your company is a Check Point Partner, you can also take advantage of the Co-op Affiliate Program, which fully covers the cost of authorized courses with the provision of a voucher for the relevant exam. 

Partners can check the Co-or Dashboard using the PartnerMAP website. 

In case the partners have Co-or funds, they can open an application and view the training courses that are available under the partnership program. 

PartnerMAP -> Market -> Campaigns -> Co-op Dashboard 

How to accumulate Co-op Check Point funds? 

Funds are determined by the level of the partner in the Check Point Stars Affiliate Program and the volume of his orders in Check Point. 

Any outstanding debt to Check Point for more than 60 days may affect the partner’s eligibility for the Co-op program. 

Co-op funds are accrued for partners every six months based on product orders in the previous six months. 

The order and purchase of equipment are considered to be product orders, so they are taken into account for the accrual of Co-op funds. Services blades purchased as upgrades are not considered for fundraising. 

Authorized Check Point courses are also funded by the Co-op program. You can place an order for the course on the “Create New Claim” portal. You need to choose the course that interests you and check through Co-op its availability in your region. Partners must register for courses through the Check Point Co-op control panel. 

Certification exams are also met under the Co-op program. After registering for the training through the Co-op system on PartnerMAP, the partners receive a voucher for the exam, which will be fully covered by Co-op. The exam voucher has a validity period. The exam must be taken within 60 days of completing the course. 

The annual “Check Point Sales Kickoff” and “CPX Conference” events are also included to the partner training category. Partners can pay registration fees for these activities using Co-op training funds. 

CPX and SKO requirements are set only by the Check Point command based on event logging. 

More documentation and FAQs are available at the link HERE. 

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