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Cisco (Cisco Learning Credits)

Cisco Learning Credits is the most convenient way to purchase education and manage Cisco authorized training for IT professionals. 

Cisco Learning Credits is a convenient virtual currency that allows access to high-quality certified training provided by Cisco Authorized Training Centers (Cisco Learning Partners). 

What benefits Cisco Learning Credits offer: 

  • Pass certified, and most importantly, high-quality Cisco training, which will help you to use the Cisco equipment and solutions installed in your organization as efficiently as possible. 
  • Significantly increase the efficiency of your employees and, accordingly, increase the performance productivity of your organization. 
  • Reduce management costs and optimize the organization’s budget for information and consulting services. 

Credits are available in packages of 1, 10, 100, 500, and 1500 pcs. Cisco Learning Credit is equivalent to US$100 and let you purchase the training course accordingly to its amount. 

Cisco Education Credits can be purchased as a separate order, or included with a purchase of Cisco hardware, software, or solutions and used within one year of activation through the Cisco Learning Credit Management System (LCMT). You can redeem them for certified training provided by Cisco Learning Partners, Cisco Advanced Services Education, or access to e-learning training source Cisco Partner Education Connection (PEC) (available only to Cisco Partners). 

Credits are sold in packs of 10, 100, 500 and 1500. Cisco Learning Credit equivalent to 100 USD and provides tuition fees for the corresponding amount 


Cisco Learning Credits 

Price, USD 







TRN-CLC-001  100 








To purchase Cisco Learning Credits, contact the Cisco manager who works with your organization. 

For more information on Cisco Learning Credits, please visit https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/training-events/training-certifications/training/learning-credits.html, or send a request by email lcmt_pm@cisco.com. 

How to determine the required amount of Learning Credits? 

Contact an authorized MUK Training Center. Our manager will assess your training needs, pick the necessary courses, offer a convenient schedule and form of training, and help you determine the exact amount of Cisco Learning Credits (CLC) for training. 

How do I use Cisco Education Credits? 

Cisco Learning Credits can be used to study authorized programs in full-time/on site or remote training.

The Cisco Learning Credits you wish to use will be registered by managers in the Cisco Learning Credits Management Tool (LCMT) and can be used to receive educational services on Cisco technologies at the MUK Training Center within a year from the date of purchase. 

To activate credits, you need to select the required course in the schedule and inform our Training Center number of Learning Credits or provide the contact details of your Cisco manager. Then provide the manager of the Training Center with your Cisco Sales Order number, which can be used as payment for services (Cisco enters the order number into the educational credit management system), or also provide the contacts of your Cisco manager to clarify this information. 

Our manager will make sure that the provided Learning Credits are suitable for use: they are activated in the system, the number of loans corresponds to the declared one, etc. If the Learning Credit Management Tool database accepts the entered order number, the manager completes the registration and deducts the corresponding amount from your account. You receive confirmation of registration, as well as a notification from the Learning Credit Management Tool about the change in the balance on your account. 

How do I manage Cisco Learning Credits? 

Cisco credits are registered with the Learning Credit Management Tool (LCMT). This database stores all your Learning Credits transactions. This tool is available at any time of the day, it allows you to check the balance of your Learning Credits, view the history of transactions on the account, track the courses of your employees, and create relevant reports. 

Your Cisco Manager will assign a Learning Credits Manager for your organization. The duties of the administrator include: 

  • Learning Credits management of your organization 
  • System administration 
  • Receive monthly reports 
  • Receive automatic notifications after every transaction 
  • Assigning other users authorized to administer the system 

Cisco uses contact information that is registered with Learning Credits to send transaction notifications and monthly reports. It is the responsibility of the client to control the correctness of contact details. 


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