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Training Center MUKDelivery Formats

Delivery Formats

Classroom Trainings

As part of this training format, we offer scheduled courses with specific dates, times and locations. You can take the course in the environment that is best suited for learning. Our classes are equipped with everything you need so that you can learn as effectively as possible. To find the course that interests you can be found in the “Schedule” section. 

You will have the opportunity to ask questions to the trainer, exchange experience with colleagues, complete all practical and laboratory work, consolidating the knowledge gained in practice. 

On-Site or Private Group Trainings

In case you did not find the course in the schedule or the planned dates do not suit you, or you have the need to organize training for a separate group of specialists, we can offer any of our courses in a corporate format. The course program is developed taking into account the needs and tasks of your team, considering the experience and qualifications of your employees. The MUK Training Center offers an additional option – conducting preliminary testing for your team in order to identify the level of knowledge of each specialist. 

In addition, within this training format based on the analysis of the most relevant customer requests, instructors of the MUK Training Center can adapt training programs, develop adapted programs in accordance with up to date requirements. Our instructors have advanced expertise in IT solutions, which allows us to provide training courses of any level of complexity, as well as develop a training program at the request of the customer, if necessary. 

Live Virtual Classroom Training

Virtual training is real-time training delivered by certified instructors in an interactive, virtual environment that gives you the same content and hands-on skills as associated classroom courses, including virtual lab machines that simulate actual products. Virtual training is an affordable, flexible solution for companies and individuals, allowing you to study from home or office, saving time and travel costs. 

This format allows global teams to train together in a single virtual environment. 

Video Classroom

Video Classroom is a new kind of dynamic video learning that allows you to immerse yourself in an interactive classroom experience from anywhere. This type of training is a promising digital version of the On-Demand format. 

Due to modern technologies, the MUK Training Center provides high-quality training in the Video Classroom format, so you have the opportunity to acquire new qualifications at your own pace by watching high-definition (HD) video trainings from experienced certified instructors. Plus, it gives you in-class customization without travel costs and the risk of spending time away from the office. You get 90 days of unlimited access to video courses, 80 hours of access to cloud labs, complete and searchable transcripts, high-quality, hands-on lab environments, email support, video functionality, and eBooks with your course content. 

Blended Live

A blended learning format, in which students are connected remotely to a group of students in the classroom.


On-Demand is a self-paced e-learning in a convenient mode, which covers a lot of useful materials on a topic that interests you. The training is available in the form of individual materials, the lab exercises, and also provides the opportunity to consult with an instructor and participate in an interactive forum or support site. 

You have selected On-Demand training: 

  • You study theoretical material by connecting to the remote learning system. 
  • At the beginning of training and while studying the material, you will be given the opportunity for self-control – testing included in the remote learning system. 
  • During the course, certified instructors of the training center will answer your questions using the feedback form, which is provided in the remote learning system. 
  • The time that is given to you to study the course using all the capabilities of the distance learning system and laboratory stands is from 30 to 180 days – depending on the conditions of the vendor. 
  • The study of the material occurs independently, in a rhythm and time convenient for the student. 
  • All materials and labs are available 24 × 7. 
  • The cost of On-Demand distance courses is significantly lower than the cost of classroom training formats. 
  • Training is possible on a part-time basis or in free time from work. 
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