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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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AWS Skill Builder Team subscription
Virtual Classroom Live
365 Days, 8760 Acad. Hours
Cloud Operations on AWS
Classroom Live, virtual classroom live
3 Days, 24 Acad. Hours
MLOps Engineering on AWS
Classroom Live, virtual classroom live
Acad. Hours
Amazon SageMaker Studio for Data Scientists
Classroom Live, virtual classroom live
3 Days, 24 Acad. Hours
Advanced Architecting on AWS
Advanced Architecting on AWS covers how to build complex solutions that incorporate data services, governance, and security on AWS. It introduces specialized AWS services, including AWS Direct Connect and AWS Storage Gateway to support hybrid architectures. The course also covers best practices for designing and building scalable, elastic, secure, and highly available applications on AWS.
Classroom Live, virtual classroom live
3 Days, 24 Acad. Hours
Advanced Developing on AWS
The Advanced Developing on AWS course uses the real-world scenario of taking a legacy, on-premises monolithic application and refactoring it into a serverless microservices architecture. This three-day advanced course covers advanced development topics such as architecting for a cloud-native environment; deconstructing on-premises, legacy applications and repackaging them into cloud-based, cloud native architectures; and applying the tenets of the Twelve-Factor Application methodology.
Classroom Live, virtual classroom live
3 Days, 24 Acad. Hours
Architecting on AWS - Accelerator
This course covers all aspects of how to architect for the cloud over four-and-a-half-days. It covers topics from Architecting on AWS and Advanced Architecting on AWS to offer an immersive course in cloud architecture. You will learn how to design cloud architectures, starting small and working to large-scale enterprise level designs—and everything in between. Starting with the Well-Architected Framework, you will learn important architecting information for AWS services including: compute, storage, database, networking, security, monitoring, automation, optimization, benefits of de-coupling applications and serverless, building for resilience, and understanding costs.
Classroom Live, virtual classroom live
4.5 Days, 36 Acad. Hours
Architecting on AWS
This course focuses on the fundamentals of building IT infrastructure on the AWS platform. You will learn how to optimize the AWS Cloud by understanding AWS services and how they fit into cloud-based solutions. Best practices and design patterns are covered to help you architect optimal IT solutions on the AWS Cloud. Build and explore a variety of infrastructures through guided discussions and hands-on activity.
Classroom Live, virtual classroom live
3 Days, 24 Acad. Hours
AWS Business Essentials
In this course, you will learn the benefits of cloud computing and how a cloud strategy can help you meet your business objectives. It explores the advantages of cloud computing and the fundamentals of AWS, including financial benefits. This course also introduces compliance and security concepts to help you consider the AWS platform within your cloud computing strategy.
Classroom Live, virtual classroom live
1 Days, 8 Acad. Hours
AWS Cloud Financial Management for Builders
This course is for individuals who seek an understanding of how to manage, optimize, and predict costs as you run workloads on AWS. You learn how to implement architectural best practices, explore cost optimization strategies, and design patterns to help you architect cost-efficient solutions on AWS.
Classroom Live, virtual classroom live
3 Days, 24 Acad. Hours

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the cloud platform from Amazon company that provides customers with a huge variety of subscription-based services. These include computing power, storage, databases, content delivery, application development tools and more.
AWS offers subscribers virtual server platforms with a pre-installed operating system, storage systems, disk space, virtual databases on a dedicated server, a DNS server in the cloud and many other features. In total, the platform’s portfolio includes more than 200 different services.
The MUK Training Center runs AWS courses in Kyiv and Ukraine. Amazon Web Services – courses that will enable companies IT departments employees to get acquainted with AWS services in various areas: AWS architecture, application development, operational training, security, and big data. MUK TC, an authorized Amazon Training Center, offers the following courses:
• AWS-BE AWS Business Essentials
• AWS-CPE AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials
• AWS-TE AWS Technical Essentials
• A-AWS Architecting on AWS
• AA-AWS Advanced Architecting on AWS
Amazon AWS courses will help you to gain practical experience using the AWS platform, master its services and get acquainted with the real scenarios of their application.
The Amazon Partner Network Acceleration EMEA Program is available for AWS partners – funding to accelerate the adaptation of your technical resources and help prepare your team for AWS certification.

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