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Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst
This course will discuss the various methods and best practices that are in line with business and technical requirements for modeling, visualizing, and analyzing data with Power BI.
Classroom Live, virtual classroom live
3 Days, 24 Acad. Hours
Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions
This course teaches Azure Solution Architects how to design infrastructure solutions. Course topics cover governance, compute, application architecture, storage, data integration, authentication, networks, business continuity, and migrations. The course combines lecture with case studies to demonstrate basic architect design principles.
Classroom Live, virtual classroom live
4 Days, 32 Acad. Hours
Administering Windows Server Hybrid Core Infrastructure
Classroom Live, virtual classroom live
4 Days, 32 Acad. Hours
Configuring Windows Server Hybrid Advanced Services
Classroom Live, virtual classroom live
4 Days, 32 Acad. Hours
Microsoft 365 Fundamentals
Classroom Live, virtual classroom live
1 Days, 8 Acad. Hours
Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator
Classroom Live, virtual classroom live
4 Days, 32 Acad. Hours
Automating Administration with PowerShell
This course provides students with the fundamental knowledge and skills to use PowerShell for administering and automating administration of Windows servers. This course provides students the skills to identify and build the command they require to perform a specific task. In addition, students learn how to build scripts to accomplish advanced tasks such as automating repetitive tasks and generating reports. This course provides prerequisite skills supporting a broad range of Microsoft products, including Windows Server, Windows Client, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft 365. In keeping with that goal, this course will not focus on any one of those products, although Windows Server, which is the common platform for all of those products, will serve as the example for the techniques this course teaches.
Classroom Live, virtual classroom live
5 Days, 40 Acad. Hours
Querying Data with Microsoft Transact-SQL
This course will teach the basics of Microsoft's dialect of the standard SQL language: Transact-SQL. Topics include both querying and modifying data in relational databases that are hosted in Microsoft SQL Server-based database systems, including: Microsoft SQL Server, Azure SQL Database and, Azure Synapse Analytics.
Classroom Live, virtual classroom live
2 Days, 16 Acad. Hours
Использование Power BI Desktop и сервиса Power BI как инструментов Business intelligence
В данном курсе будут обсуждаться различные методы и передовые практики, которые соответствуют бизнес-требованиям и техническим требованиям для моделирования, визуализации и анализа данных с помощью Power BI.
Classroom Live, virtual classroom live
5 Days, 40 Acad. Hours
Configuring and Operating a Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure Stack Hub
This five-day course will provide students with the key knowledge required to deploy and configure Microsoft Azure Stack.
Classroom Live, virtual classroom live
4 Days, 32 Acad. Hours

Microsoft Corporation is a world leader in the production of software, devices, and IT services. Among the main directions of the company are cloud services for solving business problems, developing, executing applications, and storing data on servers, located in distributed data centers. Microsoft solutions are used by a huge number of organizations worldwide, so Microsoft training courses will become fundamental to your company’s IT department.

The range of Microsoft solutions is as wide as possible, and the MUK Training Center provides Microsoft Certified Courses for all solutions offered by the company. With us you can get training in the following areas: courses Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Office, Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft Programming Courses, and others Microsoft training courses.

• AZ-900T00-A Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

• AZ-104T00-A Microsoft Azure Administrator

• AZ-204T00-A Developing solutions for Microsoft Azure

• AZ-303T00-A Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies

• AZ-500T00-A Microsoft Azure Security Technologies

• MS-030T00-A Office 365 Administrator

• MS-100T00-A Microsoft 365 Identity and Services

• MS-101T00-A Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security

• MS-500T00-A Microsoft 365 Security Administration

• MS-600T00-A Building applications and solutions with Microsoft 365 core services

• DA-100T00-A Analyzing Data with Power BI

• MS-040T00-A Manage SharePoint and OneDrive in Microsoft 365

• 20339-1 Planning and Administering SharePoint 2016

• 20339-2-A Advanced Technologies of SharePoint 2016

• 20462-D Administering Microsoft® SQL Server® 2014 Databases

• 20461-D Querying Microsoft SQL Server® 2014

• 10998-A Updating Your Skills to SQL Server 2017

• 20464-D Developing Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Databases

• 20467-D Designing Business Intelligence Solutions with Microsoft SQL Server 2014

Another advantage of the MUK Training Center is that you can complete training both in class and distance format, therefore Microsoft courses – Kiev and other cities of Ukraine are available for everyone.

Microsoft courses at the MUK Training Center will help your IT specialists get the skills and apply them as soon as possible to ensure stability and efficiency of the company’s IT infrastructure.

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