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Training Center MUKКурсыКурсы ВиртуализацияOracle VM Server for SPARC: Installation and Configuration Ed 2

Oracle VM Server for SPARC: Installation and Configuration Ed 2

Код курсу
3 Днів, 24 Ак. Годин
Опис курсу
Програма курсу
Опис курсу

Course overview

The Oracle VM Server for SPARC: Installation and Configuration course teaches practical skills for building and managing virtual environments, based on scalable and dynamic resource management using Oracle SPARC server virtualization technology.


Course Objectives

  • Configure control and service domains
  • Create a guest domain
  • Install Oracle Solaris using an AI Server
  • Create a root domain
  • Create an I/O domain using SR-IOV
  • Assign I/O resources using Direct I/O
  • Reconfigure server resources for logical domains
  • Use virtual disks
  • Use virtual networks
  • Implement VLAN and Port VLAN based switching
  • Manage logical domain configurations
  • Perform live migration operations
  • Perform non interactive migration operations
  • Use ZFS backends
  • Plan an Oracle VM Server for SPARC installation

Suggested Prerequisite

  • Install and administer an Oracle Solaris OS
  • Knowledge of virtualization concepts
  • Perform basic Oracle SPARC server initial setup tasks
  • Understand basic storage concepts
  • Administer Ethernet networks
  • Configure basic IP networks

Required Prerequisite

  • UNIX and Linux Essentials
  • Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration Ed 5


  • Systems Architects
  • Cloud Administrator
  • Data Center Manager
  • System Administrator
  • System Integrator
  • Technical Consultant
Програма курсу

Course Topics

Introduction to Oracle VM Server for SPARC

  • Oracle VM Server for SPARC Architecture
  • Oracle VM Server for SPARC Benefits
  • Oracle’s Virtualization Strategy

Planning and Installing the Oracle VM Server for SPARC Software

  • Upgrading System Firmware
  • Working with SPARC T-Series Servers
  • Upgrading Oracle VM Server for SPARC Software
  • The ldm Command
  • Planning for Oracle VM Server for SPARC
  • CPU and Memory Sizing Guidelines

Configuring the Control and Service Domain

  • Virtualized Devices and Virtual Services
  • Typical Basic Configuration
  • Control Domain Resource Allocation
  • Managing Control Domain Configurations

Creating Guest Domains

  • Verifying a Guest Domain Configuration
  • Binding and Starting a Guest Domain
  • Creating a Guest Domain
  • Installing Oracle Solaris in a Guest Domain
  • Accessing a Guest Domain’s Console

Building I/O and Root Domains

  • I/O Domain Overview
  • I/O Domains using Direct I/O
  • Root Domains
  • I/O Domain with PCIe SR-IOV Virtual Functions

Performing Logical Domains Administration

  • Provisioning New Domains with ZFS Snapshots and Clones
  • VLAN Support for Virtual Networks
  • Using Virtual Networks
  • Virtual Disk Back End Options
  • Using Virtual Disks
  • Dynamic Reconfiguration of Logical Domain Resources
  • Link Aggregation and Jumbo Frames for Virtual Networks

Migrating Logical Domains

  • Non-Interactive Migration
  • Cross-CPU Live Migration
  • Migration Phases
  • Migration Requirements and Restrictions
  • Migration Types
  • Live Migration
  • Cold Migration
  • Migration Dry Run
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Oracle VM Server for SPARC: Installation and Configuration Ed 2
Код курсу:
3 Днів, 24 Ак. Годин
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