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Oracle SuperCluster for System Administrators Ed 2

Код курсу
2 Днів, 16 Ак. Годин
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Опис курсу

Course overview

This Oracle SuperCluster for System Administrators training is intended for system administrators who perform administration on the Oracle SuperCluster T5-8, Oracle SuperCluster M6-32 or the Oracle SuperCluster M7. The goal of the course is to provide administrators with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform configuration, administration, and basic troubleshooting.


Course Objectives

  • Administer Oracle SuperCluster
  • Configure Oracle VM Server for SPARC (LDoms) and discuss configuration options
  • Identify the components and architecture of Oracle SuperCluster
  • Integrate Oracle SuperCluster into an existing data center
  • Know where to obtain and use SuperCluster and Solaris best practices
  • List the functions and features of Oracle SuperCluster

Suggested Prerequisite

  • Exadata, ZFS Appliance and Network concepts
  • Server experience
  • Experience with Oracle Solaris administration


  • Data Center Manager
  • System Administrator
  • System Integrator
  • Sales Consultants
  • Support Engineer
Програма курсу

Course Topics

SuperCluster Introduction

  • List the main components that compose Oracle SuperCluster
  • Describe SuperCluster functions optimal performance, high availability, standard configurations, and architected for reduced risk
  • Distinguish Oracle SuperCluster from Exadata Database Machine
  • Describe the features of SuperCluster
  • Describe the general functionality of key SuperCluster hardware and software components

Oracle SuperCluster T5-8 Overview

  • Describe the general functionality of the key hardware and software components and their subcomponents
  • List the main components that compose Oracle SuperCluster T5-8

Oracle SuperCluster M6-32 Overview

  • Describe Oracle SuperCluster M6-32
  • Describe SuperCluster M6-32 capacity
  • Learn the configurations that SuperCluster M6-32 offers
  • •Oracle SuperCluster M7 Overview
  • Describe SuperCluster M7 capacity
  • Describe Oracle SuperCluster M7
  • Learn the configurations that SuperCluster M7 offers

SuperCluster Administration, Configuration and Maintenance

  • Diagnose system problems
  • Gather information regarding hardware status
  • Describe how to use third-party management tools
  • Describe how to connect an Oracle SuperCluster to an Oracle Exadata Storage Expansion Rack
  • Explain primary use cases of Oracle SuperCluster
  • Explain and perform system administration tasks
  • Perform system administration tasks by using Ops Center
  • Monitor overall appliance status

SuperCluster Domains

  • Differentiate between different types of SuperCluster domains (Application, Database, IO, and Root), and be able to describe the key attributes of each type of domain
  • Describe the different types of virtualization options available on a SuperCluster
  • Describe the difference between zones and logical domains

Troubleshooting and Common Tasks

  • Recover/restore data, get system back online after failure
  • Back up the Database Snapshots and/or Remote Replication
  • Describe the LEDs on the components in Oracle SuperCluster
  • Determine the status of system components
  • Describe the basic troubleshooting methods used in Oracle SuperCluster
  • Identify the location of all the log files

Best Practices

  • Understand the SuperCluster supplied tools and their purposes
  • Understand SuperCluster maintenance tasks including patching, backup, proactive/reactive patching, system monitoring and diagnosing errors
  • Understand the best practices for configuring Database and Application domains
  • Search for and subscribe to My Oracle Support (MOS) best practices and solutions for all the components within the SuperCluster
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Oracle SuperCluster for System Administrators Ed 2
Код курсу:
2 Днів, 16 Ак. Годин
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