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Training Center MUKКурсыOracleDatabaseOracle Database 19c: Data Guard Administration Workshop

Oracle Database 19c: Data Guard Administration Workshop

Код курсу
4 Днів, 32 Ак. Годин
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Course overview

This course teaches you how to use Oracle Data Guard. Expert Oracle University instructors will demonstrate how this solution protects your Oracle database against planned and unplanned downtimes.


Course Objectives

  • What is Oracle Data Guard?
  • Types of Standby Databases
  • Types of Data Guard Services
  • Role Transitions: Switchover and Failover
  • Oracle Data Guard Broker Framework
  • Choosing an Interface for Administering a Data Guard Configuration
  • Oracle Data Guard: Architecture (Overview)
  • Primary Database Processes
  • Standby Database Processes
  • Physical Standby Database: Redo Apply Architecture
  • Logical Standby Database: SQL Apply Architecture
  • Automatic Gap Detection and Resolution
  • Data Protection Modes
  • Data Guard Operational Requirements: Hardware and Operating System
  • Data Guard Operational Requirements: Oracle Database Software
  • Benefits of Implementing Oracle Data Guard




  • Understanding of relational database concepts and a good knowledge of the operating system.
  • Database Administration
  • Linux operating system fundamentals


  • This course is designed for Oracle Database Administrators who would like to use Oracle Data Guard
  • Those DBAs who already have experience on Oracle Data Guard, this course is NOT for them.
Програма курсу

Course Outline

  • Oracle Net Services in a Data Guard Environment
  • Creating a Physical Standby Database by Using SQL and RMAN Commands
  • Managing Physical Standby Files After Structural Changes on the Primary Database
  • Using Oracle Active Data Guard: Supported Workloads in Read-Only Standby
  • Using Oracle Active Data Guard: Far Sync and Real-Time Cascading
  • Creating and Managing a Snapshot Standby Database
  • Creating a Logical Standby Database
  • Creating and Monitoring a Data Guard Broker Configuration
  • Configuring Data Protection Modes
  • Optimizing and Tuning a Data Guard Configuration
  • Performing Role Transitions
  • Using Flashback Database in a Data Guard Configuration
  • Enabling Fast-Start Failover
  • Backup and Recovery Considerations in an Oracle Data Guard Configuration
  • Enhanced Client Connectivity in a Data Guard Environment
  • Patching and Upgrading Databases in a Data Guard Configuration
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Oracle Database 19c: Data Guard Administration Workshop
Код курсу:
4 Днів, 32 Ак. Годин
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