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Training Center MUKКурсыOracleBusiness IntelligenceOracle BI 12c: New Features for Administrators

Oracle BI 12c: New Features for Administrators

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1 Днів, 8 Годин
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Опис курсу

Course overview

This course provides instructions and step-by-step procedures for the new features of Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) 12c, with an emphasis on system administration features and changes. The course begins with an overview of the new features of Oracle BI 12c, Oracle BI system administration tasks, installation steps, the logical architecture, and the tools used to complete system administration tasks.

As the course progresses, you learn how to upgrade from Oracle BI 11g to Oracle BI 12c, use the baseline validation tool to validate upgrades and migrations between systems, and perform system management and life cycle operations. You also learn how to use command line utilities and scripts to stop and start Oracle BI components, manage metadata using Business Intelligence Archive (BAR) files, scale an Oracle BI deployment, and deploy Oracle BI for high availability.


Course Objectives

  • Identify and describe new features in Oracle BI 12c
  • Describe the Oracle BI 12c system logical architecture
  • Identify and describe the installation steps for Oracle BI 12c
  • Upgrade from Oracle BI 11g to Oracle BI 12c
  • Use the Oracle Baseline Validation tool (BVT) to validate upgrades and migrations between systems
  • Identify and describe the system administration tools that are available for managing Oracle BI
  • Use new Oracle BI 12c command line utilities and scripts
  • Manage metadata in Business Intelligence Archive (BAR) files
  • Manage BAR files using WebLogic Scripting Tool (WSLT) commands
  • Use process control commands to stop, start, and view the status of BI components
  • Scale a 12c deployment to deploy Oracle BI for high availability

Suggested Prerequisite

  • Experience with Oracle Business Intelligence platform
  • Basic knowledge of SQL


  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Application Developers
  • System Administrator
  • Business Analysts
  • Architect
  • Data Warehouse Analyst
  • Implementation Consultant
  • Technical Consultant
Програма курсу

Course Topics

1. Oracle BI 12c New Features Overview

  • Using BAR Files to Move Between Environments
  • Singleton Data Dictionary
  • Invoking WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST) from a Single Location
  • Redefining the Oracle Home Location
  • Upgrading From 11g to 12c
  • Using New Commands For Process Control
  • Scaling Out and Shared Storage
  • OPMN is No Longer Used in Fusion Middleware

2. Oracle BI 12c Architecture

  • Key Architecture Differences Between 11g and 12c
  • Oracle BI System Administration Tasks
  • Oracle BI System Logical Architecture
  • Oracle BI System Administration Tools

3. Installing and Configuring Oracle BI 12c

  • Describe the prerequisites for installing Oracle BI 12c
  • Install and Configure Oracle BI 12c
  • Install Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c Infrastructure

4. Moving Between Environments

  • Moving to a new environment
  • Importing the export bundle using the BI 12c Configuration Assistant
  • Moving from a test to a production Environment
  • Using the Baseline Validation Tool to generate a comparison between environments to validate migration
  • Verifying migration prerequisites
  • Using the migration utility to create the export bundle
  • Upgrading from 11g to 12c
  • Performing an Import Using the BI Migration Tool

5. Scaling an Oracle BI 12c Deployment

  • Setting Up Shared Files and Directories
  • Validating That Your System Has Been Scaled Correctly
  • Managing Availability in Oracle Business Intelligence (Horizontally Scaling)
  • Deploying Oracle BI for high availability
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Oracle BI 12c: New Features for Administrators
Код курсу:
1 Днів, 8 Годин
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