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HPE Linux System Administration

Код курсу
5 Днів, 40 Ак. Годин
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Програма курсу
Опис курсу

Course overview

This course provides the knowledge and skills to configure and manage Linux systems. The course adopts a 60 percent lecture and 40 percent hands-on labs approach to foster the participants’ realworld job skills. The course, along with HJ7M0S: HPE Linux Fundamentals, prepares participants to take and pass the LPIC-1 exam.


Course objectives

Upon successful completion of this class, students will have learned how to:

  • Manage user accounts
  • Configure system services including time, mail, print, and the scheduler
  • Customize the boot process and startup options
  • Configure and troubleshoot fundamental networking
  • Setup and manage disks and filesystems
  • Use the SSH protocol to encrypt data in transit and GPG to encrypt data at rest


This course is designed for:

  • System administrators
  • Network administrators
  • Operators
  • Technical users

This course is the second part of the curriculum for students who wish to study and take the LPIC-1 Certification.


Participants should have fundamental knowledge such as:

  • Working in a Linux or UNIX environment
  • Linux/UNIX file systems and process management
  • Editing files
Програма курсу

Course Outline

  1. Managing User Accounts

  2. Users and Security

  3. Internationalization

  4. Software Management

  5. Service Management

  6. Logging

  7. Hardware Discovery and Kernel Modules

  8. Partitions and Filesystems

  9. Network Protocols

  10. Persistent Network Configuration

  11. Network Configuration on the Fly and

  12. Troubleshooting

  13. DNS Client Configuration

  14. Time Management and NTP

  15. System Startup and Grub

  16. Encryption and SSH

  17. Shared Libraries

  18. The System Scheduler

  19. Configuring the GUI

  20. Email

  21. Printing

  22. Virtualization

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HPE Linux System Administration
Код курсу:
5 Днів, 40 Ак. Годин
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