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Cybersecurity Fundamentals

Код курсу
3 Днів, 24 Ак. Годин
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Course Description:

The CSX Fundamentals Course is designed to provide an overview of this material, as well as to offer insight into the importance of cybersecurity and the integral role of cybersecurity professionals. This course will also cover four key areas of cybersecurity:

  • cybersecurity architecture principles,
  • security of networks, systems,
  • applications and data,
  • incident response
  • the security implications of the adoption of emerging technologies.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course you should be able to:

  •  Define the key concepts, roles and domains of cybersecurity
  •  Define risk management terms, concepts and frameworks
  •  Identify common attack types and vectors
  •  Define the framework and guidance for policies and procedures
  •  Identify cybersecurity control processes
  •  Identify the various types of cybersecurity architecture
  •  Define the OSI Model
  •  Explain how various defense strategies work to control flow, segment the network and log, monitor and detect attacks
  •  Outline encryption fundamentals, techniques and applications
  •  Determine, assess and respond to risk and vulnerabilities on the network through penetration testing
  •  Identify key aspects and associated risks to securing data, applications, operation systems and the network
  •  Define incident response and handling methodologies
  •  Identify the basic concepts, practices, tools, tactics, techniques and procedures for processing digital forensic data
  •  Develop a disaster recovery and business continuity plan
  •  Identify the implications for adaption of evolving technology


A pre-assessment provided to attendees will assist the instructor in determining the baseline
knowledge of participants, as well as any necessary demographic information. Results from the
pre-assessment should be used to help focus lecture and activities to be most meaningful to all
participants. The pre-assessment should include questions regarding:

  • Level and years of information technology-related experience or other practicalexperience
  • Knowledge or experience in the area of information security and cybersecurity
  • Current title and role
  • Enterprise specifics:
  • Domestic or international
  • Size and number of employees
  • Industry
  • Region (US or non-US)
  • Educational background
  • Degree in cybersecurity or a related field (if so, what)?
  • What university did they attend?


Програма курсу

Course Outline:

Activity 1: Icebreaker/Introductions

1. Cybersecurity Introduction and Overview

1.1. Introduction to cybersecurity
1.2. Difference between information security and cybersecurity
1.3. Cybersecurity objectives
1.4. Cybersecurity roles
1.5. Cybersecurity domains

 2. Cybersecurity Concepts

2.1. Risk
2.2. Common attack types and vectors
2.3. Policies and procedures
2.4. Cybersecurity controls

3. Security Architecture

3.1. Overview of security architecture
3.2. The OSI model
3.3. Defense in depth
3.4. Information flow control
3.5. Isolation and segmentation
3.6. Logging, monitoring and detection
3.7. Encryption fundamentals, techniques and applications

4. Security of Networks, Systems, Applications andData

4.1. Process controls—Risk assessment
4.2. Process controls—Vulnerability management
4.3. Process controls—Penetration testing
4.4. Network security
4.5. Operating system security
4.6. Application security
4.7. Data security

5. Incident Response

5.1. Event vs. incident
5.2. Security incidentresponse
5.3. Investigations, legal holds, and preservation
5.4. Forensics
5.5. Disaster recovery and business continuity

6. Security Implications and Adoption of Evolving Technology

6.1. Current threat landscape
6.2. Advanced persistent threats(APTs)
6.3. Mobile technology—Vulnerabilities, threats, and risk
6.4. Consumerization of IT and mobile devices
6.5. Cloud and digital collaboration

7. Course Summary

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Cybersecurity Fundamentals
Код курсу:
3 Днів, 24 Ак. Годин
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