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Dell Technologies (Dell EMC)

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VxRail Appliance Administration
This course presents the knowledge necessary to administer and manage a VxRail Cluster. Key topics include management interfaces, managing cluster configurations, resource provisioning and expansion, monitoring, managing availability, and basic troubleshooting. Hands on labs included in
the course provide a step-by-step walkthrough of the key procedures to manage the cluster.
Аудиторно, дистанційно
3 Днів, 24 Ак. Годин
PowerScale Administration
This course will prepare students to implement a Dell EMC PowerScale cluster, configure software features of the OneFS operating system and administer a cluster on a day to day basis. Students will learn about PowerScale's data protection methods, the ability to tier data from one node pool to another based on configured rules and synchronize data to other clusters or to cloud resources. This course is in alignment with the Specialist, Isilon Implementation Engineer Proven Professional certification. This is a direct update to the previously known Isilon Administration and Management course.
Аудиторно, дистанційно
5 Днів, 40 Ак. Годин
SAN Management
This course is intended for individuals who will perform SAN management activities using vendor or EMC tools. The Connectrix family of switches are managed to provide connectivity to host and storage through a SAN. SAN switches are administered through their CLI and GUI management tools for configuration in a multi-switch fabric and to enable communication between the hosts and storage. Fibre Channel, FCIP, iSCSI and FCoE environments are presented for management and switch configuration along with NPIV and NPV. The concepts of EMC SAN best practices, performance monitoring, basic troubleshooting and security are also addressed
Аудиторно, дистанційно
5 Днів, 40 Ак. Годин
Cloud Infrastructure Planning and Design v2
This course presents the knowledge and skills to successfully design a cloud infrastructure that supports multiple types of services. The course takes an “open” approach and outlines infrastructure, application platform, and cloud management platform as the fundamental layers in a cloud. It explores the business needs and challenges that have led the organization to adopt a cloud solution. This course highlights the benefits, challenges, and considerations of design choices and emphasizes the importance of proper requirements gathering in the design process. Additionally, students are provided with opportunities to practice these new skills while performing exercises and labs. This course prepares the student for the Dell Technologies Proven Professional Cloud Architect Specialist level certification exam
Аудиторно, дистанційно
5 Днів, 40 Ак. Годин
PowerProtect DD System Administration
The PowerProtect DD System Administration course provides the knowledge and skills needed for configuring and maintaining PowerProtect DD systems. The course provides lectures, instructor demonstrations, hands-on exercises, reviews, knowledge checks, and pointers to further study.
Аудиторно, дистанційно
4 Днів, 32 Ак. Годин
Avamar Administration
This course explains and demonstrates configuration and use of Avamar. Students learn how to configure Avamar for operation; how to create and manage user accounts; how to configure and initiate backup and restore of data; and how to monitor Avamar operation.
Аудиторно, дистанційно
4 Днів, 32 Ак. Годин
OpenManage Enterprise Features, Implementation and Administration
The OpenManage Enterprise course is a baseline course that provides a learner with a good understanding of the functions and features of OpenManage Enterprise. Lecture and lab activities cover the following topics for students: Installation/Configuration, navigating/using the web interface, describe and use the Discovery and Inventory process, manage devices and perform tasks using OpenManage Enterprise. Students learn about and use profiles and configuration templates. The course covers the integration of OME adaptors with SupportAssist Enterprise. The OpenManage Enterprise course includes the integration of the following plug-ins: SupportAssist, Power Manager, and Update Manager. Checklists have been incorporated to provide students with a “what to look for” when issues arise.
3 Днів, 24 Ак. Годин
PowerMax and VMAX Family Configuration and Business Continuity Administration
This Specialist level course provides participants with an in-depth understanding of configuration tasks on PowerMax and VMAX family arrays. It also provides the knowledge required to deploy and manage PowerMax and VMAX family array-based local and remote replication solutions for business continuity needs. Key features and functions of the arrays are covered in detail. Topics include storage provisioning concepts, virtual provisioning, device creation and port management, and service level-based storage allocation to hosts. Operational details and implementation considerations for Dell EMC TimeFinder SnapVX and Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF) are covered. Participants will use Unisphere for PowerMax/VMAX and Solutions Enabler (SYMCLI) to manage configuration changes on the arrays. Hands-on lab exercises using Symmetrix Command Line Interface (SYMCLI) and Unisphere for PowerMax will be performed on Open Systems hosts attached to PowerMax and VMAX3 arrays.
Аудиторно, дистанційно
3 Днів, 24 Ак. Годин
ECS Administration
This course is intended for anyone who needs to manage, customize, monitor, or use an ECS system for data storage. It provides detailed coverage of ECS features designed to support typical use cases, including global content repository, geo-scale object storage with Access Anywhere, and Big Data Analytics.
Аудиторно, дистанційно
3 Днів, 24 Ак. Годин
PowerStore Implementation and Administration
This 5-day course provides instruction for physical installation and cabling of PowerStore systems. It includes PowerStore system initialization and deployment instructions along with practice opportunities to achieve a function production storage state. Day-to-day PowerStore administrative tasks for block, file, and VMware storage resources and services are also provided. The course includes PowerStore system hardware and software upgrades, and basic
Аудиторно, дистанційно
5 Днів, 40 Ак. Годин

Корпорація Dell Technologies пропонує організаціям повний спектр рішень для цифрової трансформації бізнесу. Компанія надає замовникам всі компоненти для створення цифрової інфраструктури від кордону мережі до кінцевих пристроїв. Портфель рішень Dell Technologies включає сервери, системи зберігання даних, рішення для створення гіперконвергентної інфраструктури, мережеве обладнання, програмне забезпечення та клієнтські продукти.
Курси Dell Technologies дозволять ІТ-фахівцям компаній освоїти навички роботи з різними рішеннями компанії. Основними комплексними рішеннями Dell Technologies є APEX Infrastructure Services, APEX Data Storage Services, Dell EMC PowerEdge Rack Servers, Dell EMC PowerStore Scalable All-Flash Storage, Open Networking with PowerSwitch і інші.
Так, наприклад, курси Dell EMC допоможуть розібратися з тонкощами управління серверами і системами зберігання даних. Також заняття дозволять охопити інші рішення Dell – курси в Навчальному центрі МУК дадуть можливість адміністраторам компаній побудувати конвергентну інфраструктуру на базі продуктів Dell, навчитися працювати з мережевим обладнанням цього виробника, а також отримати відповідну кваліфікацію в таких сферах, як віртуалізація, захист даних, хмарні рішення і управління ІТ-інфраструктурою.
Навчальний центр МУК пропонує замовникам наступні курси Dell в Україні і Києві:
• ES181SVR00151 Dell EMC PowerEdge Installation Administration and Troubleshooting
• ES112STG00110 Dell EMC Unity Implementation and Administration
• MR-1CN-VPLEXMGMT VPLEX Administration
• ES111STG00802 Information Storage and Management (ISM) V4
• DESPR-826-8015 Dell EMC Networking – Data Center Configuration and Administration
• MR-1CP-NWIM NetWorker Implementation and Administration
• MR-1CP-ETCSPD Cloud Services Planning and Design
• ES114CPX00077 VxRail Appliance Administration
• MR-1CP-SANMGMT SAN Management
• ES112STG00370 PowerMax and VMAX Family Configuration and Business Continuity Administration
• MR-1CN-ECSMGTMON ECS Administration
• DESILT-825-3835 Dell EMC SC Series Implementation and Administration
• MR-1LP-ISIAM PowerScale Administration
• ES103STG01979 PowerScale Advanced Administration
Для того, щоб ваші співробітники змогли якомога швидше отримати потрібні знання і застосувати їх на практиці – запишіть їх на курси Dell.

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