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IBM Cognos PowerPlay Client: исследование и создание отчетов (V10.1/10.2)

Код курса  Код: B5173    Заявка  Предварительная запись    Продолжительность  Кол-во часов: 16 , Кол-во дней: 2


Подробное описание курса.


IBM Cognos PowerPlay Client: Explore and Build Reports (V10.1/10.2) is a two-day, instructor-led course
designed to teach users the basic skills needed to analyze business data and create reports in PowerPlay.
Fundamental business intelligence (BI) topics are covered, along with technical skills required to successfully
explore PowerCube data and remote data sources in PowerPlay and to apply these techniques to create
professional reports. To analyze their data, participants will learn how to drill through cube data, replace
categories and measures in a crosstab, change the display to view the data in one of several graphical
formats, format each display to enhance their analysis, sort, rank, and filter data, and create calculations. To
create reports, participants will learn how to build a crosstab report, perform and add calculations, use
advanced nesting functions, create subsets, and distribute reports.

Please Note: Screen captures and labs in this course are taken from the V10.1 of the product. However, the
concepts, procedures, and tasks are all applicable to a V10.2 environment and are suitable for V10.2 user


Please refer to course description for description and information.


This course is intended for PowerPlay Report Authors.


You should have:
  • Knowledge of your business requirements
  • Experience using basic Windows and Web functionality


1. Overview of IBM Cognos BI
  • Describe IBM Cognos Business Intelligence (BI) and Financial Performance Management (FPM)
  • Describe IBM Cognos BI components
  • Describe IBM Cognos BI architecture at a high level
  • Define IBM Cognos groups and roles
  • Explain how to extend IBM Cognos BI

2. PowerPlay Fundamentals
  • Discuss fundamental terminology
  • Login to a secure namespace
  • Describe the contents and uses of data sources
  • List the PowerPlay components and describe their process
  • Explain the PowerPlay application development process
  • Use the dimension line, dimension viewer, and online help
  • View an Explorer report
  • Publish reports to the IBM Cognos portal

3. Tools for Investigation
  • Drill down to lower levels of details
  • Replace rows and columns
  • Change measure values
  • Change display types
  • Investigate various ways to arrange a report

4. Data Exploration and Reporting
  • Filter data
  • Sort and rank data
  • Suppress zeros
  • Use multiline and bar graphs
  • Use alternate drill paths
  • Examine and use scenario dimensions

5. Add Value to your Exploration
  • Use layers to analyze a third dimension
  • Show multiple dimensions with a stacked bar display
  • Add and explore multiple displays
  • Nest categories in rows, columns, and layers
  • Change the layout of nested crosstabs
  • Use nested charts

6. Data Analysis
  • Apply multiple measures
  • Compare two measures
  • Use special categories
  • Show values as percentages
  • Create 3D Bar, Pie, and Correlation displays
  • Add statistical lines to charts

7. Calculations in Explorer Mode
  • Create and use calculations
  • Create forecast calculations
  • Use calculated categories

8. Reporter Mode
  • Determine why you would use Reporter mode
  • Compare Reporter and Explorer modes
  • Drill down in Reporter mode
  • Add categories as rows or columns in Reporter mode

9. Calculations in Reporter Mode
  • Define different types of calculations in Reporter mode
  • Create group calculations
  • Work with calculated categories in Reporter mode
  • Generate calculations when adding categories

10. Add Value to the Report
  • Create new styles
  • Develop custom exceptions
  • Create nested crosstab reports in Reporter mode
  • Explore drop zones in Reporter mode
  • Use blank cells, blank lines, and currency conversion to add value to reports
  • Format values and labels and add titles, headers, and footers to reports

11. Subsets in Standard Reports
  • Define standard reports and subsets
  • Create subset definitions and subsets
  • Differentiate between parentage and find-in-cube subset definitions
  • Modify subsets by editing
  • Highlight subsets and performed calculations
  • Create advanced subset definitions
  • Understand restrictions by Parent, Find, and Value

12. Special Features
  • Analyze details using a sub-cube to limit data
  • Understand how to work off line with data from a remote cube
  • Drill through to PowerCube
  • Explain methods of updating data and sharing dimension lines

13. Distributing Reports
  • Set prompting and PDF properties for published reports
  • Export a report to a different file format
  • Set PDF properties and save the report in PDF format
  • Print the report
  • Attach the report to an email message
  • Schedule a published report

14. Use PowerPlay Modes, Charts, and Formatting (Optional)
  • Determine when to use Explorer or Reporter
  • Interpret which display type to use
  • View reports and use the Print dialog box


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