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Proctored Exams ITIL by PeopleCert 

Since January 1, 2018 PeopleCert is the only AXELOS accredited examination institute. Therefore, in order to obtain certification for such products as XELOS – ITIL, RESILIA, PRINCE2, PRINCE2 Agile, M_o_R, P3O, MSP, MoV or MoP – you must pass the relevant exams only through PeopleCert. 

The MUK Training Center is certified to provide both authorized courses and ITIL certification as part of a partnership with HPE, which gives the right to organize ITIL examinations at its base under the guidance of an authorized proctor. Registration for this exam format must be completed 48 hours before the desired date of delivery. 

If necessary, the exam can be canceled or postponed to another time or date. To do this, you must contact the proctor no later than 48 hours before the day of testing. Saturday and Sunday are days off, so the postponement and cancellation of exams scheduled for Monday must be notified on Thursday no later than 16:00. 

If the above deadlines for submitting an application to postpone or cancel the exam are not met, the Test center does not guarantee the success of these operations and in case of failure, all costs are borne by the candidate. 

ITIL Certification Scheme

ITIL Certification Scheme 

The ITIL Certification Scheme presents a modular approach and system of credits, different numbers of which are assigned to different qualifications. For each successfully passed exam, the candidate is awarded points (from 2 to 5), depending on the exam. 

There are five certification levels in the ITIL scheme: 

Foundation Level

    Basic level. You need to answer 40 multiple choice questions tachieve this level. There are no prerequisites for taking this exam. It tests knowledge of the basic elements, concepts and terminology associated with service lifecycle management with ITIL.

2 points
The ITIL Foundation exam is awarded 2 points (credits).
Practitioner Level

Practitioner Level is a new qualification in the ITIL scheme. It complements but does not replace any of the existing ITIL qualifications. The new ITIL Practitioner exam is now available. This module provides practical guidance on how to adopt and adapt ITIL in your organization. 

The module is designed for professionals who have already learned the fundamentals of IT service management (ITSM) and understand the value of well-designed and delivered services. While the ITIL Foundation module focuses on the “what” and “why” questions, the ITIL Practitioner module shows the “how” to begin adopting and adapting the ITIL framework in their daily work, giving candidates more confidence in their ability to structure and contribute to ITSM initiatives. 


3 points
A successful completion of ITIL Practitioner exam is awarded with 3 points. 
ITIL Intermediate Level

To take the exams for this certification, candidates must have the ITIL Foundation certification and complete the appropriate authorized courses. The modules of this certification level are divided into two categories – Service Lifecycle and Service Capability. An applicant can focus on studying one set of modules or both in order to combine management and technical knowledge. 

The Service Lifecycle focuses on the study of processes in the context of service lifecycle management. This includes 5 modules (with corresponding courses and exams): 

  • Service Strategy 
  • Service Design 
  • Service Transition 
  • Service Operation 
  • Continual Service Improvement 


3 points
For each exam of the Lifecycle group 3 points (credits) are given. 

The Service Capability direction is focused on the study of IT service management practices in specific subject areas. This includes 4 modules, each of which corresponds to an exam and a course: 

  • Operational Support and Analysis 
  • Service Offerings and Agreements 
  • Release Control and Validation 
  • Planning Protection and Optimization 
4 points
For each exam of the Capability group 4 points (credits) are awarded. 
ITIL Expert Level

TIL Expert Level – expert level. In order to achieve it, candidates must complete 22 credits on the basic, intermediate and MALC exams. 

Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC) – this module is between the Intermediate and Expert levels. The MALC exam confirms the candidate’s understanding of the principles of service lifecycle management and the integration of ITSM processes and functions into a unified management system. 

To be able to pass this exam, you must have 17 earned credits (points). That is, the candidate must pass the ITIL Foundation exam, as well as pass a certain number of ITIL Intermediate level exams, in order to receive another 15 points. 


5 points
The MALC exam is the final requirement for the Expert level. The candidate who passes it receives 5 points and has a total of 22 points for the Expert status. 
ITIL Master Level

ITIL Master Level – This qualification tests your ability to apply the principles, methods and techniques of ITIL in your work. 

To obtain the ITIL Master qualification, you will need to explain and justify how you choose and apply a set of ITIL principles, knowledge, methods and techniques and support management practices to achieve desired business results by solving one or more practical challenges. 

There are preparatory courses that significantly increase your chances of passing Foundation, Intermediate and MALC examon the first try. 

To be able to pass the Intermediate level exam, you must complete training at the MUK Training Center authorized courses.

There are preparatory courses that significantly increase your chances of passing Foundation, Intermediate and MALC exams on the first try.

Testing rules
Testing rules

Testing rules for ITIL exams led by an Authorized Proctor are similar to testing rules for PEARSON VUE and can be found here. 

After exam
After exam

Preliminary result of exam is displayed on the screen just after completionthe final result after the PEOPLECERT check is sent to the examination contestants within two weeks by e-mail. 

In case of successful examination, the participant will be able to download from the personal account on the PEOPLECERT website and print the PEOPLECERT* certificate confirming the successful completion of certification. If you want to receive a certificate in paper form, you must indicate this option when ordering the exam. 

Please note that this service is more expensive! 

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