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Civil 3D: Master Plan

Course code
5 Days, 40 Acad. Hours
Course Overview
Course Outline
Course Overview


This is the master plan information modeling course for the architectural and construction industry

The course is based on the basic information modeling principles of infrastructure facilities:

  • digital information model creation and analysis of master plans
  • interdisciplinary interaction technologies and team work organisation
  • effective methods of making changes to the model and documentation
  • document execution in accordance with the state and industry regulations

The course is designed for professionals who wants to apply modern technologies in their work, reduce the number of design errors, and learn how to effectively interact with colleagues

Used materials:

  • practical training materials
  • additional utilities and add-ons for Civil 3D
  • useful links and tutorials

This course can be adapted according to the specialist specific activities or based on a real pilot project

Autodesk certificate is issued in electronic format after the course completion



  • Civil 3D: its features and the application principles for the master plan development
  • creating a master plan and work automatisation
  • planning the territory and its optimal solution possibilities
  • how to serve the needs of their organisation in automating the processes of master plan creation for the long term


  • AutoCAD knowledge and skills possession
  • Civil 3D software
Course Outline

Course outline

1. Civil 3D product introduction: information model and objects

2. Basic data сollection

  • Civil 3D point import
  • external link addition and its management
  • scanned maps addition
  • data import and other format connection – MAP tools (GIS functionality)

3. In-site driveway design and its data preparation

  • route construction of on-site driveways
  • building profiles along the track
  • structure determination of the on-site passage and its draft model formation

4. Design of an on-site driveway and its edition

  • a complex path contour formation
  • paving and subgrade surfaces construction
  • section editor usage
  • on-site surface passage correction

5. Automatic and semi-automatic intersection design

  • intersection automatic construction of the intra-site passage and the main road
  • additional data creation for semi-automatic intersection construction
  • semi-automatic intersection construction of the intra-site passage and the main road
  • intersection surface correction

6. The site relief basis and its structural lines

  • feature lines properties of the main vertical planning tool
  • building the feature lines
  • editing the horizontal and vertical feature line geometry
  • feature line interaction

7. Building the surface design

  • the design surface creation and filling it with structural lines
  • rainwater runoff analysis over the surface
  • the design surface сorrection

8. Slope and pond design

  • creating a model of slopes and sites
  • profile object interaction
  • docking slopes created with vertical grading and road design tools

9. Вraw up a plan

  • marking on the points and on the horizontals
  • marking slopes
  • making design styles

10. The work scope counting

  • building a common design surface
  • a drawing creation for a cartogram earthwork applying
  • the earthwork cartogram calculation
  • the earthwork cartogram editing
  • counting the number of improvement elements

11. Summing up and issuing Autodesk certificates

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Civil 3D: Master Plan
Course code:
5 Days, 40 Acad. Hours
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