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Security Administrator (CCSA) R81.1

Course code
3 Days, 24 Hours
Course Overview
Course Outline
Course Overview


This course provides an understanding of basic concepts and skills necessary to configure Check Point Security Gateway and Management Software Blades.



  • Know how to perform periodic administrator tasks
  • Describe the basic functions of the Gaia operating system
  • Recognize SmartConsole features, functions, and tools
  • Describe the Check Point Firewall infrastructure
  • Understand how SmartConsole is used by administrators to grant permissions and user access
  • Learn how Check Point security solutions and products work and how they protect networks
  • Understand licensing and contract requirements for Check Point security products
  • Describe the essential elements of a Security Policy
  • Understand the Check Point policy layer concept
  • Understand how to enable the Application Control and URL Filtering software blades to block access to various applications
  • Describe how to configure manual and automatic NAT
  • Identify tools designed to monitor data, determine threats and recognize opportunities for performance improvements
  • Identify SmartEvent components used to store network activity logs and identify events
  • Know how Site-to-Site and Remote Access VPN deployments and communities work
  • Explain the basic concepts of ClusterXL technology and its advantages


Working knowledge of Windows, UNIX, networking technology, the Internet and TCP/IP.


Technical professionals who support, install deploy or administer Check Point products.

Course Outline


  • Security Architecture
  • Admin Operations
  • Deployment
  • Licensing
  • Gaia Portal
  • Hide/Static NAT
  • Firewall Basics
  • Monitoring States
  • ClusterXL
  • Traffic Visibility
  • Security Events
  • Compliance Tasks
  • Threat Detection
  • Policy Layers
  • Site-to-Site VPN
  • Remote Access VPN
  • User Access


  • Identify key components and configurations
  • Create and confirm administrator users for the domain
  • Validate existing licenses for products installed on your network
  • Create and modify Check Point Rule Base objects
  • Demonstrate how to share a layer between Security Policies
  • Analyze network traffic and use traffic visibility tools
  • Monitor Management Server States using SmartConsole
  • Demonstrate how to run specific SmartEvent reports
  • Configure a SmartEvent server to monitor relevant patterns
  • Configure and deploy a site-to-site VPN
  • Configure and test ClusterXL with a High Availability configuration
  • Understand how to use CPView to gather gateway information
  • Perform periodic tasks as specified in administrator job descriptions
  • Test VPN connection and analyze the tunnel traffic
  • Demonstrate how to create custom reports
  • Demonstrate how to configure event Alerts in SmartEvent
  • Utilize various traffic visibility tools to maintain Check Point logs
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Security Administrator (CCSA) R81.1
Course code:
3 Days, 24 Hours
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