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HPE Synergy Administration

Код курса  Код: H0LN3S    Заявка  Предварительная запись    Продолжительность  Кол-во часов: 24 , Кол-во дней: 3

This 3-day course provides instructions on the HPE Synergy configuration, administration, management, troubleshooting and maintenance. This hands-on course will cover day-to-day administration skills on: HPE Synergy Composer, HPE Image Streamer, Storage module, Compute module, Frame management, fabric connectivity, multi-frame domains and server profile management. Students will also learn about HPE Global Dashboard features.


  • System administrators, engineers and consultants who install, manage, and monitor the HPE Synergy systems. 
  • New HPE Synergy customers or HPE BladeSystem c-Class customers interested in HPE Synergy.


  • H0LN2AAE HPE Synergy Overview WBT
  • H0LN5AAE HPE Synergy Installation and Configuration WBT
  • H0LN6AAE HPE Synergy Management and Use Overview WBT 

HPE also recommends that students have basic networking and HPE OneView experience. • HPE OneView QuickStart (H7H10S)

Course objectives

  • Introduce Composable Infrastructure (basic concepts) and HPE Synergy domains 
  • Explore the functional architecture of the HPE Synergy environment, including management infrastructure (HPE Synergy Composer, HPE Synergy Image Streamer, Frame Link Modules), compute modules, interconnect modules, local storage systems, power and cooling 
  • Review the HPE Synergy Portfolio and equipment capabilities 
  • Explain the HPE Synergy Master/Satellite interconnects topology and cabling 

Benefits to you 

  • Gain the ability to perform successful site planning and infrastructure design needed to deploy an HPE Synergy solution 
  • Understand the various management tools and tasks required in the solution 
  • Be able to perform effective local and remote administration using the HPE Synergy Composer

Detailed course outline

Module 1: HPE Synergy Overview
  • Shifting to Composable Infrastructure
  • HPE Synergy 12000 Frame overview
    • Frame Link modules
    • Cabling 
    • Single-frame system
    • Multi-frame system
  • Management bays 
    • Synergy Composer 
    • Image Streamer 
    • Management rings
  • Interconnect Modules overview
    • 5-Frame system (10Gbps) 
    • 3-Frame system (20Gbps)
  • Storage modules 
  • Compute modules 
  • Interconnect bay mapping
Module 2: HPE Synergy Hardware Setup
  • Connectivity internal to Frame(s)
  • Physical setup
  • HPE Synergy System console
  • Hardware Setup
    • Frame inventory, physical hardware match verification
    • Troubleshooting errors in hardware setup checklist
    • HPE OneView appliance network settings configuration
  • Web browser access to HPE OneView and initial appliance setup 
  • Dashboard status
Module 3: Connectivity Management
  • Networks, Network Sets, and SANs - Ethernet
    • Fibre Channel over Ethernet networks
    • iSCSI - Fibre Channel
    • Image Streamer (Management and Deployment network)
    • Network Sets
  • Logical Interconnect Groups
  • Enclosure Group
    • Single LIG and Multi-LIG
  • Frames under management
  • Logical Interconnects
Module 4: Storage Management
  •  SAN and Direct Access Storage in general
  •  In-frame storage HPE Synergy D3940
    • Drives - I/O Adapters
    • SAS Connection Module
  •  StoreVirtual VSA in HPE Synergy
Module 5: Image Streamer 
  • How to set up a single frame (Proof-Of-Concept) 
  • How to set up production environment 
  • How to set up Image Streamer from its own GUI (basic only) 
  • Image Streamer and Server Profiles from the HPE Synergy Composer 
Module 6: Server Profiles Management 
  • Server hardware 
  • Server hardware types 
  • Compute module operating system/hypervisor choices 
  • Server profile templates 
  • Firmware baseline 
  • Internal local storage drives and integrated controllers 
  • SAN storage (3PAR) attachments 
  • Operating system provisioning
    • iLO virtual media 
    • Image Streamer 
    • Insight Control server provisioning 
  • Creating server profiles from a template 
    • Consistency between templates and profiles 
    • Moving, copying, and modifying server profiles 
    • Making changes in server profiles (and outages) 
Module 7: HPE Synergy multi-frame domains 
  • Growing infrastructure without management complexity 
  • Management ring 
  • Deployment network 
  • Composer domain 
  • Fabric domain 
  • Interconnect link topology
    • Master and Satellite modules 
    • Redundant configuration 
    • High Availability configuration 
  • Managing multi-frame configuration
Module 8: HPE Global Dashboard
  • Overview
  • Installation
  • Features 
Module 9: HPE Remote Support 
  • Understand the benefits of HPE OneView remote support to customers 
  • Explain the features of HPE OneView remote support
Module 10: HPE Synergy Maintenance and Troubleshooting 
  • HPE-recommended process for Synergy firmware/driver management 
    • Frictionless interconnect firmware updates 
  • Dashboard status 
  • Activity screen 
  • Reports and filters 
  • User roles and operations overview 
  • Firmware bundles (SPP) and HPE OneView 3.0 repository 
  • Multi-frame environments related to maintenance and troubleshooting 
  • Support dumps and other end-user diagnostic capabilities 
Module 11: HPE Synergy support services and documentation 
  • HPE Supported services and regional contacts 
  • HPE Information library and other sources of Synergy information (will be provided by HPE KM team) 
  • HPE Education Services offering

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