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IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler for z/OS 9.2 Scheduling and Operations

Код курса
4 Дней, 32 Ак. Часов
Описание курса
Программа курса
Описание курса

In this instructor-led course, you learn how to manage batch workloads in z/OS with IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler for z/OS. During the course, you use ISPF panels to create scheduling definitions and perform operational tasks. There is also a brief overview of the end-to-end environment. The course covers creating and controlling planning objects, such as workstations, applications, calendars, and resources. You learn how to schedule these objects into a daily planning cycle and then monitor and manage them. This training class is provided in a classroom environment with multiple opportunities for hands-on lab practice. The scenarios used in this class are based on IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler for z/OS version 9.2.0.

After you complete this course, you can perform the following tasks:
  • Describe the components of Tivoli Workload Automation
  • Define the different types of workstation
  • Create scheduling objects: calendars, periods, and run cycle groups
  • Build and schedule Application Descriptions containing multiple operations
  • Managing critical batch
  • Create the Long Term and Current plans and manage the batch to completion
  • Implement restart and cleanup to simplify the rerun and restart of failed jobs
  • Create special resources to further manage and control batch jobs
  • Automate JCL editing with JCL variables and directives
  • Code automatic recovery statements in JCL to restart failed work
  • Take control of unscheduled batch
Before taking this course, you should have the following skills:
  • A basic understanding of the z/OS operating system
  • The ability to move around in ISPF dialogs
  • Basic JCL
Программа курса
  • IBM Tivoli Workload Automation suite
  • Architecture
  • Concepts and terminology
  • Version 9.1.0 differences overview
  • Version 9.2.0 differences overview
  • Workstation overview
  • Creating workstation definitions
Calendars, periods, and run cycle groups
  • Introduction to calendars
  • Periods
  • Run cycle groups
  • Applications and operations
  • Creating applications
  • Timing workloads
  • Defining operations
  • Job descriptions
Operation submission, throughput, and monitoring
  • Operation submission and throughput
  • Dynamic feedback overview
  • Operation priority
  • Critical operations
  • Workload Manager scheduling environments
  • Advanced ISPF panels
Long-term and current plans
  • Data bases and plans overview
  • Long-term planning overview
  • The current plan
Restart and cleanup
  • Introduction to restart and cleanup
  • Restart and cleanup options
  • Restarting the operation
  • Browsing the job log
Special resources
  • Special Resource Overview
  • Creating special resources
  • Using special resources in operations
Automated job tailoring
  • Automated job tailoring overview
  • JCL directives
  • JCL Variables
Automatic recovery
  • Automatic recovery
Managing unplanned work
  • Managing unplanned work overview
  • OPSTAT and SRSTAT commands
  • Event-triggered tracking
  • Data set triggering
  • XML, an alternative method
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IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler for z/OS 9.2 Scheduling and Operations
Код курса:
4 Дней, 32 Ак. Часов
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