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IBM Maximo Asset Management 7.5

Код курсу
4 Днів, 32 Годин
Опис курсу
Програма курсу
Опис курсу
Learn the powerful features and functions available in IBM Maximo Asset Management. This hands-on course introduces the fundamental concepts and setup considerations of the various business areas supported by Maximo. Learning activities include lecture, demonstration, and labs covering a wide variety of applications, processes, and interrelationships within Maximo.

This course can help you make informed business decisions with the design and planning of their implementation. Consultants can gain a foundation upon which to build their product knowledge and skill set, and to work with clients to obtain optimal value from the product.

  • Query and retrieve data
  • Describe the asset management life cycle
  • Enter core data elements and data structures
  • Describe options that are available for various applications
  • Describe and use the different Maximo applications and functions as they relate to business processes
You should have:
  • General database knowledge
Програма курсу
  • Unit 1: IBM Maximo Asset Management overview
    • Lesson 1: Asset management
    • Lesson 2: Framework overview
    • Lesson 3: Business requirements overview
  • Unit 2: Core data setup and configuration
    • Lesson 1: Data setup overview
    • Lesson 2: Entering and configuring organizations and sites
    • Lesson 3: Defining and organizing the classification hierarchy
    • Lesson 4: Defining and entering locations and location hierarchies
    • Lesson 5: Entering and registering labor and users
  • Unit 3: Item and asset planning and setup
    • Lesson 1: Item and asset setup overview
    • Lesson 2: Defining and setting up item and asset configurations
    • Lesson 3: Entering assets
  • Unit 4: Inventory and purchasing
    • Lesson 1: Inventory setup and usage
    • Lesson 2: Purchasing process and setup
    • Lesson 3: Requisitioning
    • Lesson 4: Purchase orders
    • Lesson 5: Receiving
    • Lesson 6: Invoicing
  • Unit 5: Work management
    • Lesson 1: Work management process and setup overview
    • Lesson 2: Setting up job plan templates
    • Lesson 3: Setting up scheduled or routine maintenance activities
    • Lesson 4: Creating and generating tickets and work orders
    • Lesson 5: Planning work
    • Lesson 6: Scheduling work
    • Lesson 7: Assigning and dispatching work
    • Lesson 8: Work completion and reporting
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IBM Maximo Asset Management 7.5
Код курсу:
4 Днів, 32 Годин
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