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Business Analysis for Agile BPM Process Transformation

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Course Description

This course teaches you agile methods to approach business process analysis for Business Process Management (BPM) implementations.

The course focuses on proven business process transformation analysis approaches for delivering process transformation projects by using an agile methodology and the extensive IBM knowledge base collection of IBM Systems Solution Implementation Standard (ISSIS) artifacts. ISSIS represents an agile methodology that the IBM Cloud Services organization uses to maximize client return on investment. It provides IBM technology and product-specific best practices and BPM artifacts that are derived from hundreds of project implementations.

The course begins with an overview of Business Process Management and change management concepts. You learn about managing upstream and downstream process transformation impacts, and the cross-functional importance of business processes to the overall objectives of an organization. The course then explores the agile business process analysis methods and supporting project tasks and work products that make a process transformation project successful. It covers concepts and activities such as process analysis, process improvement, working with As-Is and To-Be processes, Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN), and identifying and working with key performance indicators (KPIs).

This course also introduces you to IBM Blueworks Live (BWL), which is software as a service (SaaS) that can help organizations quickly document and improve business processes by enabling collaboration and process automation in a secure, cloud-based environment. BWL represents one approach to collecting process transformation information that is required to create appropriate BPM deliverables such as user stories for each process task and process participants.

Throughout the course, you participate in hands-on demonstrations and predefined case study exercises that are designed to reinforce the concepts and skills that are covered in the lectures.

  • Describe Business Process Management (BPM) and its benefits to an organization
  • Describe agile business process analysis methods and supporting project tasks and work products that are used in a process transformation project
  • Document business process and decision management opportunities and attach relevant references to clarify project goals and requirements for the process transformation
  • Define detailed business requirements as user stories within the process context
  • Create a macro design with design thinking
  • Map high-level Activities and Participants in a business process by using Blueworks Live
  • Generate and refine a detailed Process Diagram by using Blueworks Live
  • Establish a change management plan to garner acceptance and buy-in for process improvement initiatives
  • Document detailed processes through validation and enhancement of blueprints, with key inputs and outputs and known issues and impacts
  • Create process user stories for project task estimation and prioritization
  • Describe DevOps and how it affects development projects
  • Explain the difference between BPM projects and other IT implementation projects
  • Facilitate process discovery sessions
  • Identify key performance indicators (KPIs) for a process
  • Identify next steps for process improvement initiatives
  • Describe the tools that are available in the IBM Systems Solution Implementation Standard (ISSIS) repository and how they can be used for business process and rules analysis
  • Describe the working relationship between the Business Analyst, Subject Matter Experts, Solution Architect, and development team
This course is designed for all project team members who are involved in the analysis and definition of organizational processes.

This course has no prerequisites.

  • Course introduction
  • Introducing the Process Transformation Methodology
  • Using the Agile Process Transformation Methodology
  • Exercise: BPM assessment
  • Introduction to Blueworks Live
  • Exercise: Case study and Blueworks Live setup
  • Exploring the Business Process Management Analyst role
  • Exercise: Analyzing a process to create the As-Is process model
  • Improving business processes
  • Exercise: Improving a process
  • Discovering the IBM Systems Solution Implementation Standard (ISSIS)
  • Business analysis practices
  • Exercise: ISSIS and user stories
  • Ensuring a smooth transition
  • Exercise: Playback Zero
  • Course summary

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