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Обзор учебного курса HPE Education Services Администрирование HP OneView

Код курса  Код: H4C04S    Заявка  Предварительная запись    Продолжительность  Кол-во часов: 24 , Кол-во дней: 3

This three day course covers how to install, manage, configure, and update the HPE OneView Appliance. An architectural overview ensures a high level understanding of the associated managed equipment: c-Class enclosures, Virtual Connect Ethernet, FlexFabric, and Fibre Channel components. Participants will explore HPE OneView management of ProLiant Gen 7, Gen 8 and Gen 9, as well as OneView monitoring of Gen 6 and rack-mounted ProLiant systems. Participants will configure storage connectivity through a switch and directly to a 3Par Storage Array.


  • System Administrators, engineers and consultants who will plan and manage the HPE OneView Converged Management for the Software Defined Infrastructure.


  • Completion of HPE BladeSystem Administration (HE646S) and the Virtual Connect (HK758s) courses.
  • A basic understanding of hypervisor environments (VMware ESXi or Microsoft Hyper-V) and familiarity with general networking terminology and basic network concepts.

Course objectives

  • Install and configure HPE OneView on supported hardware.
  • Explain HPE OneView connectivity model, networking resources and templates, and licensing.
  • Add enclosures with server blades and ProLiant DL servers to the OneView appliance.
  • Connect to an HPE 3PAR storage system — pools, volumes and templates.
  • Plan and complete firmware updates.
  • Access the Rest API and configure the appliance using scripting.

Benefits to you

  • Gain the ability to perform successful site planning and infrastructure design needed to deploy an HPE Virtual Connect solution.
  • Understand the various product and firmware versions required in the solution

Detailed course outline

Module 1: HPE OneView Overview

  • Describe HPE OneView and its positioning
  • Describe the HPE OneView resource model
  • List what is new in HPE OneView 1.20
  • Introduce the OneView for VMware vCenter and Microsoft System 
    Center plugins
  • List HPE OneView URLs for reference documentation and more 

Module 2: HPE OneView Installation

  • Describe HPE OneView language localization
  • Review the HPE OneView support matrix
  • List the HPE OneView supported hardware
  • List the HPE OneView configuration limits
  • Describe the HPE OneView deployment on a VMware ESXi host
  • Describe the HPE OneView deployment on a Microsoft Hyper-V host
  • Configure OneView on first access
  • Discuss VMware Tools Support
  • List HP OneView documentation

Module 3: Network Creation and Management

  • Describe the Connectivity Resource Manager
  • Describe HPE OneView Networks
    • Network Sets and Uplink Sets
    • Fibre Channel connections
    • Compare HPE Virtual Connect Manager to HPE OneView Networks
    • Configure Active/Standby and Active/Active networking

Module 4: Storage Management

  • Review OneView resource architecture and capabilities
  • Describe supported storage hardware
  • Describe Storage Resource Manager, storage administrator role, and 
    associated use cases
  • Add a SAN Manager and associated SAN fabrics
  • Add and configure a storage system and storage pools
  • Manage storage volumes and volume templates
  • Describe basic storage diagnostics and alerts

Module 5: Connectivity Management

  • Describe:
    • HPE OneView Domains, Enclosure Groups, and Logical Interconnect 
    • OneView logical Interconnects and Interconnects
    • HPE OneView MAC and WWN Addressing
  • Import an enclosure and update the associated firmware
  • Explain the firmware repository
  • Explore the firmware update processes available in HPE OneView

Module 6: HPE OneView Server and Enclosure Management

  • Describe these OneView resources:
    • Enclosure groups and Enclosures
    • Server Hardware Type and Server hardware
  • Describe the process of adding enclosures and server blades to 
  • Migrate an existing Virtual Connect Domain structure into OneView
  • Describe the process of adding HPE ProLiant BL and DL servers to 
  • Describe the refresh procedures
  • Explore OneView licensing
  • Remove components from OneView

Module 7: HPE OneView Profile Management

  • Describe
    • OneView Server Profiles
    • OneView Server Profile Connections
  • Control server profile and network bandwidth
  • Configure OneView Server Profile Boot Order
  • Explore OneView Server Profile BIOS settings
  • Attach to 3PAR storage volumes
  • Managing OneView server profiles

Module 8: Health and Environmental Monitoring

  • Describe the server health monitoring in OneView
  • Explain iLO 4 status traps and polling
  • Describe enclosure and server connectivity alerts
  • Describe G7 server health monitoring with OneView
  • Describe the basic environment components

Module 9: HPE OneView Maintenance and Troubleshooting

  • Administer OneView user accounts and roles
  • Configure Active directory and manage certificates
  • Update/upgrade the OneView appliance
  • Backup and restore OneView
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting tools available in OneView
  • Download support dumps Troubleshooting tips
  • Reset the Administrator password
  • List the HPE Services available to support OneView installation and integration
Module 10: HPE OneView REST API Overview

  • Describe the basic concepts of the REST API in OneView
  • Explain the OneView API design goals, resources, and operations
  • Use the cURL command line utility to access the OneView REST API 
  • Programming development and debugging OneView using the REST 
    API extensions for web browsers
  • Access and use the PowerShell wrapper with the OneView REST API


Lab 1: Installing and configuring HPE OneView

Lab 2: Configuring Networks

Lab 3: Configuring Storage

Lab 4: Configuring Logical Interconnect Groups

Lab 5: Managing Enclosures

Lab 6: Managing Server Profiles

Lab 7: Reconfiguring Logical Interconnect Group to Active/Active

Lab 8: Health and Environmental Monitoring

Lab 9: Maintaining HPE OneView

Lab 10: Troubleshooting HPE OneView

Lab 11: Accessing HPE OneView by using REST API calls

Lab 12: Managing HPE OneView with PowerShell library for REST 
API scripting

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