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Dell EMC PowerEdge Installation, Management and Diagnostics

Код курса  Код: DEPEIMD    Заявка  Предварительная запись    Продолжительность  Кол-во часов: 24 , Кол-во дней: 3

Course overview:

• This 3 day Dell EMC PowerEdge Installation, Management and Diagnostics course is part of the recommended training path leading to the Dell EMC PowerEdge Associates level certification for PowerEdge servers.
• This course assists you to successfully configure, manage and troubleshoot Dell PowerEdge servers providing best practice information consisting of instructor-led training and hands-on activities.
• This course will focus on the 14th generation Dell EMC PowerEdge rack and tower servers.

Course objectives:
• After completing this course, the attendee will be able to:
— Demonstrate knowledge of key server components
— Identify hot swap components
— Identify Boot Mode and Boot Order
— Describe the role and features of the iDRAC9 and Lifecycle Controller
— Access and navigate the iDRAC9 and Lifecycle Controller user interfaces to configure and manage PowerEdge servers
— Configure RAID storage using the iDRAC user interface, the System Setup utility and OMSA
— Retrieve the hardware inventory using the Lifecycle Controller
— Configure the Parts Replacement settings
— Backup and restore the server profile
— Update component firmware
— Perform SupportAssist Collections using both the iDRAC9 and SupportAssist Enterprise
— Install OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) and the iDRAC Service Module (iSM)
— Use the iDRAC to validate hardware health status
— Troubleshoot system issues using available diagnostic tools
— Install OpenManage Essentials and discover / monitor remote servers
— Deploy a server operating system using the iDRAC Virtual Console / Media
Course Modules (Presentations):
• Module 1 – Server Platforms:
o Numbering and Tags
o Key Specifications
o Chassis Options
o Hot Swap Components
• Module 2 - Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller with Lifecycle
o iDRAC8 / iDRAC9 accessing
o iDRAC9 passwords
o iDRAC9 Dashboard
o iDRAC9 Virtual Console
o iDRAC9 configuration
o Lifecycle Controller accessing and menu options
• Module 3 - Server Components
o Processors
o Memory / NVDIMMs
o Power
o Cooling
o Expansion slots
o Networking
o Backplanes
o PERC10 and S140 controllers
o Virtual Disk Management
o Internal Dual SD Module (IDSDM) / vFlash
o Boot Optimized Storage Solution (BOSS)
• Module 4 - Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI)
o System Setup utility
• Module 5 – Troubleshooting
o LCD / LEDs / Codes / Messages
o Logs
o Video Capture
o Server Profile
o Parts Replacement
o Erase system and user data
o System Diagnostics
o iDRAC Direct
o Quick Sync
o Dell technical websites
• Module6 – Security
o Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
o iDRAC Secure Password
o BootGuard
o BIOS / UEFI Recovery
• Module 7 – Systems Management
o OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA)
o iDRAC Service Module (iSM)
o OpenManage Mobile
o SupportAssist Enterprise
o OpenManage Essentials (OME)
• Lab Exercises:
o iDRAC9 Dashboard and System Options
o iDRAC9 Storage and Configuration
o Maintenance and iDRAC Settings Options
o iDRAC Virtual Console
o Lifecycle Controller Navigation
o iDRAC Information Gathering
o Configuring RAID using IDRAC
o RAID Level Migration
o Boot Optimized Storage Subsystem (BOSS)
o System Setup Utility
o iDRAC Troubleshooting Tools
o Server Profile Backup and Restore
o Embedded System Diagnostics
o Virtual AC Cycle
o OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA)
o iSM
o SupportAssist Collection
o Install SupportAssist Enterprise
o Install OME
o Out-of-Band Discovery
o In-Band Discovery
o Home Portal Navigation
o Operating System Installation

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