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Dell EMC Unity Concepts and Features

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The course provides an introductory technical knowledge of the Dell EMC Unity storage system, its features, available models and its functions.
Delivery - On Demand Class
This course is intended for professionals who will be positioning, designing, deploying, managing and supporting a solution using the Dell EMC Unity storage system. It is also suitable for anyone seeking to learn the basics of Dell EMC Unity systems.

Prerequisite Knowledge/Skills
To understand the content and successfully complete this course, a student must have a suitable knowledge base/skill set. The student must have an understanding of:
 Hardware concepts and technologies used in customer environments, such as compute nodes, servers, network and basic storage system infrastructures
 Software technologies used in customer environments such as enduser applications, databases, operating systems, etc.
 Ethernet and TCP/IP networking (e.g. switch management, VLANs, IP addressing and routing)
 Basic Microsoft Windows user, file and domain administration
 Basic Unix/Linux user and file management
 Fiber Channel Storage Area Networks (e.g. zoning, WWNs, LUNs, masking)
 Basic backup and recovery terms and techniques

Course Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:
 Discuss the offered Dell EMC Unity solutions
 Identify key use cases the Dell EMC Unity platform supports
 Describe the Dell EMC Unity architecture and its components
 Describe key Dell EMC Unity features and capabilities
 Describe management options and functionalities
 Identify the VMware objects and virtual environment tools the Dell EMC Unity platform supports
 Describe the Dell EMC UnityVSA software defined storage solution release
 Identify the Dell EMC Unity system limits and specifications

Course Outline
The content of this course is designed to support the course objectives.
 Overview
▬ The Dell EMC Unity product and its benefits
▬ Dell EMC Unity models and available configurations
▬ Key use cases the Dell EMC Unity platform supports
 Basic Architecture
▬ Dell EMC Unity architecture and its components
▬ Dell EMC Unity storage pools and LUNs
▬ Dell EMC Unity NAS Servers
 Scalability and Performance Features
▬ UFS64 file systems
▬ Data-in-Place [DIP] upgrades FAST Cache
▬ Host I/O Limits
 Efficiency Features
▬ Disk Processor Enclosure LED identification and status indicators
▬ Storage Processor Enclosure LED identification and status indicators
 I/O Expansion Modules – SLICs
▬ Data Reduction
▬ File system quotas
 Data Protection Features
▬ Snapshots
▬ Replication
▬ Other data protection solutions the Dell EMC Unity platform supports
 Data Mobility Features
▬ File Import
▬ Native SANCopy
▬ Local LUN Move
▬ Local NAS Server mobility
▬ DHSM support with CTA and Virtustream
 Data Security Features
▬ Data at Rest Encryption [D@RE]
▬ Common Antivirus Agent [CAVA]
▬ NDMP backup support
▬ IP Multi-tenancy
▬ CHAP authentication support
Kerberos authentication support for NFSv4.1 datastores
 Networking Features
▬ IP Packet Reflect
▬ Advanced Static Routing
 Management
▬ Interfaces: Unisphere, UEMCLI, REST API, CloudIQ, Unisphere Central
▬ Proactive Assist and Performance Monitor
 Virtualization
▬ Integration with VMware: VAAI, VSI, VASA
▬ VVols Support
▬ SMI-S and Microsoft SCVMM
▬ ESI for Windows
 Dell EMC UnityVSA
▬ The Dell EMC UnityVSA system and its benefits
▬ Product offerings and licensing
▬ Features the virtual appliance supports
 Specifications
▬ Dell EMC Unity Model Specifications
▬ Dell EMC UnityVSA and server specifications
▬ Dell EMC Unity platform limits
▬ Dell EMC Unity components specifications

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