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Penta Security WAPPLES Certified Engineer

Код курса  Код: PSWCE    Заявка  Предварительная запись    Продолжительность  Кол-во часов: 24 , Кол-во дней: 3


Engineers who will be responsible for installation/configuration/troubleshooting for WAPPLES


To equip engineers with the ability to perform installation, configuration and troubleshooting for WAPPLES

  • Prior knowledge on OSI model, TCP/IP, HTTP, Linux OS


  • WAF & WAPPLES overview
  • WAPPLES architecture
  • Management settings
  • Deployment modes
  • HTTPS configuration
  • Policy & rule configuration
  • Website settings
  • Detection & exception
  • External logging
  • Network filter & access control
  • Bypass & NIFC
  • HA deployment
  • PLS configuration
  • System logs
  • Backup settings

  • WAPPLES setup
  • WAPPLES security settings

  • Understand the purpose and differentiating factors of WAPPLES, as well as its system architecture/components
  • Learn how to set up WAPPLES' management functionalities
  • Learn how to deploy WAPPLES in both in-line and proxy modes
  • Understand how WAPPLES processes SSL-encrypted traffic
  • Understand the purpose of WAPPLES' detection rules and how to configure each rule
  • Learn how to make detailed website registration/configuration
  • Learn how to apply exception settings
  • Learn how to integrate WAPPLES with external log collectors
  • Learn the network filtering mechanism behind WAPPLES
  • Learn network bypass/failover functions
  • Learn High Availability setup for WAPPLES appliance, as well as policy/log synchronization
  • Learn how to use different troubleshooting tools

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