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Администрирование IBM Web Content Manager 8.0

Код курса  Код: WPL44    Заявка  Предварительная запись    Продолжительность  Кол-во часов: 16 , Кол-во дней: 2


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This course consists of two-days of instructor-led training. In this class, you will learn about administration tasks and concepts.

The course will introduce you to basic concepts such as:

  • Web Content Manager terminology, concepts, architecture, and capabilities
  • Web Content Manager topologies and test, staging, and delivery environments
  • Web Content Manager authoring environment
  • Syndication
  • Cache and cache options
  • Performance and performance tuning
  • Maintenance tools and logs

Not included in this course:

  • Installation procedures
  • Integration with software, such as IBM Sametime, IBM Connections, and so on
  • In-depth exploration of WebSphere Portal Other software in the WebSphere Portal stack


  • Describe Web Content Manager terminology, concepts, architecture, and capabilities
  • List the IBM Web Content Manager topologies
  • Explain and customize the IBM Web Content Manager authoring environment, including access controls
  • Demonstrate how to work in the delivery environment
  • Define syndication
  • Explain cache and cache options
  • Discuss performance and performance tuning
  • Perform maintenance using specific maintenance tools and logs


The target audience for this intermediate course is experienced system administrators that are new to IBM Web Content Manager or need to refresh IBM Web Content Manager administration skills. They are responsible for installing and configuring IBM Web Content Manager and its day-to-day management.


You should:
  • complete Installation and Administration of IBM WebSphere Portal 8.0 on Windows (WPL83), or have equivalent knowledge, skills, and experience


  • Experience in building websites with IBM Web Content Manager 8 (WPL43)


  • Unit 1: Overview of WebSphere Portal and IBM Web Content Manager
    • Introduction to Web Content Manager terminology and concepts
    • Architecture: Overview of the stack
    • Architecture: How WebSphere Portal and Web Content Manager work together
    • Explanation of WebSphere Portal capability as compared to Web Content Manager
  • Unit 2: Overview of IBM Web Content Manager server environments
    • Review of various network environments (testing, staging, and production/delivery)
    • High availability considerations
  • Unit 3: Authoring environment
    • What is the authoring environment?
    • An overview of the "home pages" that are ready for immediate use.
    • Site area templates that allow administrators to control the type of items that can be added.
    • Using the out-of-the box authoring portlet
    • Customizing the authoring environment to improve the author experience
    • Comparison of out-of-the box RTE and the Ephox RTE
    • Access control and users and groups
  • Unit 4: Delivery environment
    • What is the delivery environment
    • Review of considerations for delivery in a clustered topology
    • Access control and users and groups
  • Unit 5: Syndication
    • What is syndication?
    • Manual and automatic syndication
    • What is not handled via syndication?
    • Cloning compared to syndication
  • Unit 6:Cache
    • What is cache?
    • Cache options for Web Content Manager
    • Limitations of options
    • Cache best practices
  • Unit 7: Performance
    • Performance considerations
    • Hardware, network, disk space, and so on
    • Tuning steps
    • Database tuning
  • Unit 8: Maintenance
    • Review available tools, when to use them and potential impacts. Tools include:
    • MemberFixer
    • Workflow update tool
    • IBM Support Assistant
    • Clear versions (Auditing impact)
    • Clear history (Auditing impact)
    • Check database disk space to ensure there is enough space
    • Logs
    • Note errors and act upon them
    • Where to find updates: Fix Central
    • Where to look for help: Support Portal
    • Library export
  • Unit 9: Backup and Recovery
    • Backup and recovery
    • Required third party applications (LDAP, Analytics, and so on)
  • Unit 10: Migration
    • Overview of the process - what does the Web Content Manager Administrator need to plan for?
    • What is migrated in the base portal migration
    • Additional steps for migrating Web Content Manager

This comprehensive course combines informative lectures and discussions with relevant activities and labs so that you can administer WebSphere Portal ... 

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